How it works

HODL, Staked or Sponsor

πŸ§‘β€πŸš€ Option 1: Hold $MNRY in your wallet

  • After you purchase $MNRY you will automatically receive $MNRY tokens in your wallet (2% of every transaction is taken and re-distributed to all $MNRY holders, see RFI Static Rewards)

  • Earn $BNB by holding $MNRY

🎟️ Option 2: Join $MNRY Lottery pool, chance to win higher rewards

  • Deposit $MNRY into the prize pool and instantly get tickets

  • WIN prizes: As long as you have deposits in the prize pool, you're eligible to win prizes. Moonery will form a lottery Jackpot of all the interest earned on the deposited $MNRY pools.

    • Starting the 1st of June, all participants have a chance to win $MNRY from the prize pool every week, and the pool contract will automatically receive RFI Static Rewards from the token contract.

    • Chance to win $BNB every week

  • NEVER LOSE: You can unstake at any time. If you stay in the Lottery pool, you continue to be eligible to win. When you remove your deposit from the $MNRY prize pools, you no longer participate in the prize game.

🎁 Option 3: Join $MNRY Lottery pool as sponsor

Users may "sponsor" the prize pool by depositing funds that don't make them eligible to win.

This can be useful for the pool owners to bootstrap its liquidity.

  • Deposit $MNRY into the prize pool and instantly get sponsor tickets

  • Earn interest for the pool as a sponsor

  • NEVER LOSE: Remove your deposit at any time.

Our Lottery pool is a Stake Prize Pool that allows users to stake $MNRY. $MNRY, $WBNB, others ERC20 and ERC721 prizes can be added manually to the prize pool. Moonery pool will also receive taxes automatically from the token contract. See image below:

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